[tex-live] update to pdftex.def to tale advantage of thetransformation primitives

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Tue Jan 2 10:25:13 CET 2007

"HO" == Heiko Oberdiek writes:

 >> > it would be nice to make pdftex.def aware of these new features.
 >> Attached is the Heiko's 2006/08/28 version. (in a zip file)

 HO> Please, don't use this version any more.  An official version is
 HO> now available: 2007/01/01 v0.04a.

please include the latest version to the TL repository.

BTW, while the pdftex.def homepage


contains a ZIP and TGZ files with the latest version, the
CVS repository pointed to from that homepage:


is outdated.

maybe it should be removed, if it's not used, to avoid confusion?


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