[tex-live] ANN: TLPDB change

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Dec 3 16:35:28 CET 2007

Dear all!

Please note that 
has gone and is replaced by
specifying the actual ROOT of the installation.

If you really need the file itself please ONLY USE
	use TeXLive::TLConfig qw/$InfraLocation $DatabaseName/;
and nothing else. Thanks.

I removed all traces of texlive.tlpdb and location in all the bin files
and modules, and tried that the installer and the tlpsrc2tlpdb still
works, but I cannot guarantee that I didn't miss something. Please
report in case of failures.

Motivation behind: I needed the root of the installation quite often
(creating of fmtutil.cnf and relatives, etc) and I first tried to have
location and root, but it was too much pain. 

Best wishes


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