[tex-live] hebrew support - fonts

Dima Sorkin dsorkin at techunix.technion.ac.il
Thu Aug 23 15:33:41 CEST 2007

 See below:
Quoting Jonathan Kew: 
> One option you might consider is to use XeTeX, which directly  
> supports Unicode and can work with whatever Unicode-encoded Hebrew  
> fonts (OpenType, TrueType) you have installed in the SuSE or FC4  
> desktop environment. This example assumes you've got Ezra SIL from  
> <http://scripts.sil.org/EzraSIL_Home>:
>   ..... \usepackage{bidi} % not in TeX Live 2007, get it from CTAN

List of questions (I'm new to any maintenance of Latex)

1) I've downloaded and installed Live-TEX. Where do I put the
   bidi package ? Should I put the 'bidi.dtx' and 'bidi.sty' files
   at the same path they appear at CTAN and run 'texconfig-sys' ?
    ( what is the difference between texconfig and texconfig-sys ?)

2) As far as I can see Ezra SIL comes without instructions how to
   install it on linux/unix (I have SUSE 10.2 at home). Can someone
   point me to good reference explaining how fonts on *unix work and
   how Latex and Ghostscript tools interact with them ?
   - How do I install fonts
   - suppose XeTeX will use system fonts. But will ghostscript tools
     (like ps2pdf) see them? I had negative experience with 'culmus'
    fonts, so I need information how to cause things work.

3) How do I know which fonts do I have on system and how do I supply them
   to XeTeX ? This is what I see on my system:

$ fc-list | grep -i heb
$ xlsfonts | grep -i heb

Thank you.

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