[tex-live] \TeX lowering of letter E

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Thu Aug 23 10:32:04 CEST 2007

Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org> wrote:

> Hi Hartmut,
>     seems the lowering of the E in \TeX is somehow inconsistent, e. g. in
> Strange.
>     LaTeX it's 0.5em whereas in ltugboat.cls and cwebmac.tex it's 0.424em.
> (You mean ex, not em.)  In plain.tex, it's also .5ex.  Which makes me
> think it should be .5.  I do not know how the .424 came about.  Robin
> (or Barbara), any idea?

from my changelog:

Thu Apr 25 00:55:55 1996  robin  (robin at dosmachine)

        * tugboat.dtx (subsection{Messing about with the \LaTeX{} logo}): New
         section, with potential for discrimination on the placement of that
         troublesome `A' according to the font in use; also defines a
         \DeclareLaTeXLogo command for the curious user (users are, by
         definition, curious, after all) to try out parameters of hir own
        (subsection{Abbreviations and logos}): rearrange the comment about
         redefining \LaTeX under LaTeX, to conform with the new reality...

so i guess the parameters were chosen using my code that produces test
sheets; the aim being to produce something that "looks good".

which was back when i though these bumpy-road logos could *ever* look
good...  (istm that the original was by way of being a demonstration
... "i do this because tex _can_, and all these improbable sheep --
leslie, for goodness' sake -- have followed on, making ever more silly
variants and developments of the logo, up to today's situation where
reading anything about tex is really rather stressful because the
baselines are so wobbly.)

fwiw, if you want me to remove that code (including your definition of
latex for bitstream charter), i'll do it like a shot.  the worse the
logos look, the sooner people will stop using them, imo ... now.
> In any case, your change to \XeTeX seems like a good idea no matter what.

hmm.  the logo is the only truly bad thing about xetex, imo...


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