[tex-live] Installing TeXLive paralle on Win32 and Linux

Wolfgang Fleischer w.fleischer at erlenweg.de
Tue Aug 14 11:43:06 CEST 2007

Andreas Hirsch wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not sure wether this is the right place for my question - so please
> apologize if not.
> I intend to install TeXLive on my Visat-PC, using a share on my
> Ubuntu-Server. If a check the i386-Linux and Win32 binaries to install,
> thats to do to use this install on the Ubuntu-PC?
> Thank you for your help!
> Andreas
Hi Andreas

To be precise that is not all you have to do.
With the installation on your ubuntu box you get the win32 binaries in
place, say on some share which is finally mapped to a drive letter h:.

An installation on a windows box does some more configuration which you
now have to do manually:

- Add h:\tex\2007\bin\win32 to your path;

-Set the following environment variables:

TEXMFTEMP=some writeable dir

You may replace ..\tex\2007 with some more suiteable for you.
You may check now:

kpsewhich sample2e.tex
kpsewhich latex.fmt
latex sample2e

to see whether your configuration is ok.
There is no need to write any value to the registry.

You may have to install ghostscript/gsview by hand on the windows box as

Do not ask me for special problems with vista. The things I mentioned
here we do with XP boxes here and live with TeX is ok.


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