[tex-live] Some inconsistencies and omissions

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Aug 5 20:57:23 CEST 2007

    - tengwar: tengwarscript.map

According to http://at.mansbjorkman.net/downloads.htm, it seems the
actual tengwar fonts are nonfree (may not be modified or sold).  Unless
someone knows something to the contrary, I'll just remove this package.
(Reinhard, if you're bored, you could add tengwar to getnonfreefonts.)

    - ly1: pcr8y, phc8y and ptm8y.map
Included from tetex/dvips35.map (and related).

    - ams: mathpple.map
Included in ams.tlpsrc now, although I see the eurbo10 and eurmo10
entries which it defines didn't make it to psfonts.map.  Maybe just
needs regeneration.

Werner already answered about the *conv pdf's.

I made the other fixes.  Thanks much.


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