[tex-live] Successful (but cludgy) build on cygwin

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed May 31 23:21:18 CEST 2006

    (1). I am using the source tarball available at
        (This is Oct 27, 2005 made tarball.)
        N.B. It might be nice to have a date or version number in the filename.

I guess it couldn't hurt.  Thanks.

    (4) Here are the patches.  All of them.


	Which ones did you want me to send?

Send to the program authors, you mean, I assume:
t1utils dvi2tty afm2pl ttf2pk

    (5) Question.  If I just use "Build" I get all these files in
        ...inst...  but no install script mentioned in the manual?  

It's at the top level of the Master/ directory -- install-live.sh in
this case.
        I would like to write directions for people like me who want to
        just build there own from the source.

Well, it would be great to have better instructions on the ins and outs
of TL creation and installation.  Something I've wanted to write ever
since I got involved enough to know just how chaotic it is :).

As I explained before, our practice has been to build the binaries
separately and then copy the binaries into the Master tree.  I mean
something like:
cd /tl/root/source
cd inst/bin
cp -pr newarchname /tl/root/Master/bin

The Master tree is what eventually becomes the distribution.  There is
no "configure && make install" process which generates it.

In order to get the Cygwin architecture to be recognized by the install
scripts, it has to be added to a few lists.  If you search for "aix" or
something in Master/*.sh, you will see.  Or I can do it easily enough.
What is the architecture name for cygwin?


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