[tex-live] adding xetex code to TL tree

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Tue May 30 00:47:25 CEST 2006

On 29 May 2006, at 11:15 pm, Karl Berry wrote:

> Hi Jonathan,
>     know what policies/practices are normal here, hence this message.)
> Not to worry, we have very little in the way of policy :).

Well, that suits me fine.... being accustomed to "sole developer"  
status, where I just do whatever seems good to me at the time, and  
have only myself to blame for the outcome. :) Don't want to inflict  
my gaffes on too many other folks, though!

>     So it seems to me that the appropriate course is to create a  
> branch
>     and work there; once the code is in place, people can try  
> building on
>     various systems; and once any build-halting problems have been
>     addressed, we can merge the new material into the trunk.
> Well, no doubt using a branch would be "safer", in a way.  But  
> given the
> realities of TL, I think it would actually be better to just check in
> your changes to the trunk.
> Unlike other projects, our problem is not that we have dozens of
> developers doing builds constantly, so that build breakage causes
> widespread problems.  Our problem is the opposite: it's hard to ever
> find time to do builds, so any barrier (like checking out a branch)  
> that
> makes it more time-consuming to do a build simply increases the
> likelihood that it won't be done.

OK, if that's your preference, I don't mind. Obviously, I'll try to  
be careful and non-disruptive, but I predict that something somewhere  
will break!

If anyone is unhappy with this, let me know.... otherwise, I expect  
I'll start checking in new code this week.


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