[tex-live] Strange license of ukhyphen

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Mon May 29 10:57:50 CEST 2006

Frank Küster <frank at debian.org> writes:

> Which brings us to a different point, an idea that I had during the
> weekend, anyway: Where is the process of creating a pattern list for
> TeX documented?  Is it automatable?  Are changes usually made
> directly to the pattern list, or is the original word list changed
> and the patterns regenerated?
> I'm asking because we usually require the "sources", loosely defined
> as "the preferred form for modification".  No, I don't intend to
> kick out all those hyphenation patterns, even if your answer is
> "yes, one uses the wordlist"; but nevertheless we should try to get
> as much wordlists to some public repository in this case, and
> documented pattern-generation rules.

The wordlists are not actually the preferred form for modification, I
think.  You start a semimanual process fresh from a new wordlist.  So
modifications are usually rather applied to the patterns.
Nevertheless, keeping word lists in store might be a good idea.
Though not the "preferred form for modification", they provide a good
starting point for people wanting to try their hands on the pattern

One problem might be that good word lists might not in all cases be
publishable, because one could obtain them only for the purpose of
generating TeX patterns.  Publishing houses will probably not want to
get them out into the wild in "raw" form useful for other typesetting

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