[tex-live] getline cygwin list reponse

djh henman at it.to-be.co.jp
Mon May 29 06:54:38 CEST 2006

Here is a response I got back from a cygwin list:

I am sending here for reference to the Gnu getline() header definitions.

>> from me: to cygwin people
>> I  understand that a GNU system has it defined there but not any other
>> system.
>> Please look into where "getline" should be defined in stdio.h or not.

Response from cygwin list:
> Cygwin counts as a GNU system, since it tries it's hardest to be like linux.

> Your problem is not really that getline is defined in stdio.h; your problem
>is that you are making hardcoded assumptions when you should be using autoconf
>(or similar) tests.

   darel henman

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