[tex-live] Strange license of ukhyphen

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sat May 27 22:11:48 CEST 2006

Hi Sebastian!

On Sam, 27 Mai 2006, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> > I think Phil's license, while highly unusual and hopefully will not be
> > emulated, *is* (barely) acceptable as free software.
> >
> >   
> but its already been rejected by Debian, no?

No. I thought (and I am already sorry to have kicked of this discussion)
that it was removed from tetex because of the current license and not
the old one. 

So for now I leave it in, also in the Debian packages. We brought it to
debian-legal, without response till now. If there is a change, you will
hear from me.

Best wishes


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