[tex-live] license violation in tetex-texmf-3.0 fixed

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat May 27 20:56:10 CEST 2006

    perhaps csplain should just be dropped from texlive ... 

At present, I see no overriding reason why cstex can't be included in
tl.  Fundamentally, I don't think Petr's name restriction makes cstex
nonfree any more than Knuth's name restriction makes hyphen.tex nonfree.

Petr, I do think it would be good for you to clarify the intended
status/license of derived versions, since of course that is a
fundamental point of free software.

(I wish neither name restriction existed; I don't think they fulfill the
intended purpose.  But that's just me.)

I will try to work with Petr and crew to make sure that TL includes a
cstex that is (a) compliant and (b) usable.  I feel sure that (a) and
(b) can be satisfied simultaneously, if we remain of stout heart and
good cheer :).


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