[tex-live] inclusion of libraries

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Wed May 24 18:09:03 CEST 2006

On 24 May 2006, at 4:27 pm, Frank Küster wrote:

> Vladimir Volovich <vvv at vsu.ru> wrote:
>> "KB" == Karl Berry writes:
>>  KB> But what about IRIX and AIX?  Vladimir?
>> AIX has fontconfig too (i don't have access to IRIX):
> I have just looked on an IRIX box (Irix 6.5), and it doesn't seem to
> have it.  At least the search tool looked on the whole disk and didn't
> find it.

Does this mean that a typical IRIX system (with whatever graphical  
interface and desktop manager is used there) uses a different way of  
managing/locating fonts? If so, the most appropriate thing to do is  
probably to create an alternative implementation of the XeTeXFontMgr  
module that is used to locate fonts on the host platform.

Or does it mean that the IRIX box in question was not configured as a  
desktop workstation with GUI software, OpenType and TrueType fonts,  
etc. but as some other kind of setup? It's perfectly possible to run  
a Linux box without fontconfig, too -- but XeTeX is probably less  
relevant on such setups, so maybe we should not try to target them  
for now.

(Please excuse my complete ignorance of IRIX!)


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