[tex-live] teTeX: no next release

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon May 22 15:43:46 CEST 2006

David Kastrup wrote:
> \ifnum\lastnodetype<13 evaluating to true under certain circumstances
> when \lastnotetype is 13, I am not kidding you), partly depending on
that's a known etex bug which has been solved long ago (actually, it was 
first solved in fptex -)
> whether the files are DOS or Unix-ended...  And these problems are
you mean line ending probblems? those are a always a pain in mixed 
unix/windows/mac usage
> reproducible (given identical input) on several computers and there is
> basically no developer feedback.  I want to have executables with the
there are good reasons for the miktex people to do it their way
> same quality as teTeX on all platforms, and it looks like TeXlive
> would be the most feasible way for that.
well, fptex binaries are as good as the other web2c binaries 
(tetex/gwtex), and if there are discepancies, it's just a side effect of 
the code base not being cross platform (ask fabrice -)


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