[tex-live] TL2005 and windvi

Harriet B Borton bortonh at rpi.edu
Thu May 11 20:57:26 CEST 2006

George wrote:

> Harriet wrote:
> > But windvi doesn't behave the way
> > it used to-- it used to display everything after a slight delay
> > while it built the fonts. Now it builds them, but then can't find
> > them at first and won't display them until after closing windvi and
> > reopening.
> My system does the same thing.

Interesting. I don't think windvi has changed in a couple of years,
I wonder why the behavior changed. But this is a lot better than not
building the fonts at all!

> >[...]
> > I did not select gs during install because the version (7.07) is
> > old. Then after the TL install, I installed current versions of gs
> > and gsview. Maybe that's why it doesn't work for me. 
> > I'm reluctant to uninstall
> > TL and reinstall because I did that on another computer and now I
> > can't reinstall. The installer thinks it's still there and comes up
> > with the "remove installation" window. But the remove procedure
> > fails because it can't find some files.
> The installer makes minimal changes other than the files it installs.  Check for
> environment variables.  I have TLROOT and TEXMFCNF set ATM, but I have
> may have added TEXMFCNF later to work around some glitch.  

Thank you for this! I removed TLROOT from the environment variables,
and then TL2005 came up with the install window (instead of the
uninstall window). 
So I installed again, and answered a few of my questions:

Having gs 8.15 already installed does not help. Windvi does not find
it; it can't  build PS fonts or display included eps files. (Karl: I
haven't had a chance to examine gs_locate yet-- still intend to do
> I already had GS installed to "C:\Program Files\gs\gs8.53", but I
> copied the files into the appropriate places in the TL tree:
> C:\Program Files\gs\gs8.53\bin\* --> C:\TeXLive2005\bin\win32
> C:\Program Files\gs\gs8.53\lib\* --> C:\TeXLive2005\xemtex\gslib
> C:\Program Files\gs\fonts\* --> C:\TeXLive2005\xemtex\gsfonts
> Then set:
> GS_LIB=C:\TeXLive2005\xemtex\gsfonts;C:\TeXLive2005\xemtex\gslib

I found the first copy is all that's needed-- the bin files. After
doing this, Windvi could display eps files and build PS screen fonts
(but not display them at first). (Adding the gs bin directory to the
path also works.)
> This is way too much hassle, but I was pretty sure it would work.  The
> proper approach would be to check what is in the TL's ghostscript
> archives and try adjusting the PATH to use the existing gs.

It does seem harsh that updating GS should break Windvi.

Another thing I found on my reinstall:
I used the tlpmgui-1.13.exe (the newest), which is documented to
have fixed the problem with the texmf-var tree being read-only.
However, I found that not to be the case. The files are still RO for
Do Pawel Jackowski and/or Staszek Wawrykiewicz see emails to this


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