[tex-live] TL 2005 post-installation questions

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Mon May 8 06:32:47 CEST 2006

> What's the purpose of the SYSTEXMF variable (especially compared 
> to TEXMF)?

Quoted from the kpathsea info page:

      If none of the options below are enabled, `mktexpk', `mktextfm', and
    `mktexmf' follow the following procedure to decide where fonts should
    be installed.  Find the tree where the font's sources are, and test the
    permissions of the `fonts' directory of that tree to determine whether
    it is writable.  If it is, put the files in the tree in appropriate
    locations.  If it isn't writable, see whether the tree is a system tree
    (named in `SYSTEXMF').  If so, the `VARTEXFONTS' tree is used.  In all
    other cases the working directory is used.


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