[tex-live] tldoc 2005: section on compilation of binaries missing

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat May 6 20:54:33 CEST 2006

Hi Daniel,

    Is there any reason for which the section about compilation of binaries
    is missing in TL2005 (it was section 8 in TL2004)?

As I recall, it seemed to be getting stale, and no one ever wrote about
it, so I just commented it out instead of updating it.

    A user of an HPUX 11 Itanium systesm is willing to compile the binaries
    for his machine, and asks for help on how to proceed.

1) Unpack the source.tar.bz2 file that's in the distribution.
2) Run the Build script in the top-level dir.  I strongly advise GNU
   make and gcc.
3) if all goes well, the result will an inst/ subdir, with the binaries
   in inst/bin/somearchname.
4) copy those binaries to the installed TL tree in bin/archname, put
   that dir in your PATH, and see if they work, e.g., run latex sample2e
   and pdflatex sample2e.
5) if all is well, then tar up the directory and I will put it on the
   web site.  If s/he's willing to do it in general, we can easily
   enable support in the installation scripts, can discuss the specific
   archname, etc.

The most problematic question will be whether the Build actually works
or if portability problems will appear.


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