[tex-live] TeXlive infrastructure

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Fri May 5 22:39:18 CEST 2006

>>>>> "Zdenek" == Zdenek Wagner <wagner at cesnet.cz> writes:

  > It can be fixed if dvips always downloads all fonts. There are
  > still PS printers with old versions of fonts which do not contain
  > all accented characters and composite glyphs must be used.

You always have to download all fonts.  Kyocera printers have
Bitstream fonts built in as a replacement for the original Adobe fonts
with different metrics and completely different shapes.

The Bitstream Courier in Kyocera printers has the same problem as the
IBM Courier provided by X11:


You cannot distinguish between /quoteleft and /quoteright at normal
sizes (10pt...12pt).


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