[tex-live] TeXlive infrastructure

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed May 3 23:33:34 CEST 2006

Hi Frank,

Sorry, I'm pretty much at sea here as to exactly what problem you're
reporting, and hence what solution you're proposing.

- Ok, I missed the crucial word "metrics" at
  (I still fail to see any real reason why the type1's are separated
   into a different package from everything else -- doesn't Walter
   maintain it all?  But whatever.)

- It doesn't seem to me that we should remove arbitrarily many font
  files from TL just because they do not precisely correspond to
  directories on CTAN (if that's what you're saying).  That seems to me
  like it will cause nothing but trouble.  It is just as likely that the
  directories on CTAN should be more fully populated.

- I'm afraid I don't know what empty fonts/urw directory you're
  referring to.  In the TL repository, Master/fonts/tfm/urw has two
  subdirectories: antiqua and grotesk.  (As you probably know, those are
  original free fonts from URW, before they donated the 35.)  There is a
  sibling Master/fonts/tfm/urw35vf which has the base 35.

- I already explained why it's simplest/best if the tpm's are created by
  typeface, rather than by foundry.  (Because "public.tpm" doesn't sound
  like a good thing.)  I suppose a special case for generating
  urw35vf.tpm could be painfully programmed, but why?
- No real web interface was ever set up for the p4 repo, and I think the
  p4 server is offline right now anyway.  However, all the log messages
  (and changed file lists) are available in the current repo in
  Build/cdbuild/logs/log.*, which is web-browsable at

I think I'm missing your basic goal -- what does it matter how big or
little any given tpm is (within reason)?  And why single out this
particular one for the base fonts?  What are you really trying to


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