[tex-live] svn for TeX Live

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Mar 14 01:47:21 CET 2006

Hi everyone,

I hope I've managed to create a workable svn repository (fsfs) for TeX
Live with the current sources.  I reworked the scripts enough so I could
do a build and make an image, anyway.  (No doubt it'll be totally broken
for everyone else.)  You can browse the thing on the web at

I wrote a couple subversion intro web pages at
http://tug.org/texlive/svn.  (There is plenty more to write about TL
specifics, but since we never had anything before, I figured it wasn't
on the critical path.)  In particular, there's a simple form to get an
svn account for write access at http://tug.org/texlive/svn/svnuser.cgi.
Request away ...

A couple notable changes:
1) I moved Master/Tools to Build/tools.  This was the only directory in
   Master which did not go on the CD, and it relates to building, so ...

2) As we discussed previously, the sources are now directly in
   Build/source, without the extraneous TeX/ subdir.  And there is no
   source.development sibling directory; when and if it comes time, we
   can make a branch in the normal way.

I hope to get back to working on the many pending package updates and
other issues now ...

BTW, if anyone has svn experience and has time & interest to help
administer our setup, let me know.


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