[tex-live] [Devnag-general] Re: Hindi for babel

Johannes Braams johannes at braams.xs4all.nl
Thu Jul 6 21:00:09 CEST 2006

Hi all,

As the address babel at braams.xs4all mainly receives spam this discussion landed 
in aa spam folder Where I spotted it just now.

I will be leaving for a family holiday this weekend so I am not able to do 
anyhing related to babel for the next coupe of weeks.
Pleas remind me when I am back (in august) and we'll work something out to 
incorporate this into the main stream of Babel.
I have a lot of other update requests and bug reports lying around so it is 
high time that I do some work and create a new release.

Kind regards,

Johannes Braams
On Tuesday 04 July 2006 21:43, Robin Fairbairns wrote:
> >     It would be better to put it in Babel but it can be used even without
> >     modifying the core files, it will only be missing from Babel
> >     documentation.
> >
> > So much the better.
> >
> > So add the files under velthuis for now, and when it's working, update
> > that.  If they get added to core babel later, great.  Meanwhile, at
> > least the functionality will be available.  Ok?
> quite so.  if you've got something that demonstrably works, put in a
> change request on the latex bugs site, for category babel (mailing
> just johannes _might_ have the required effect, but so far, i suspect
> i'm the only other member of the project who even knows about your
> upgrade).
> >     Hoewver, it is possible to just generate it separately and put
> >     it under tex/generic/babel/... because all Babel files reside there.
> >
> > No, I agree with Ralf here.  Files under tex/generic/babel/ should be
> > part of the actual babel package.  Your files should stay under
> > velthuis.  They should still get found, no problem.
> quite so.  if you have something that works with babel, adding
> johannes to the loop of getting it onto tex live seems counter-
> productive.  otoh, i imagine it's reasonable to assume the new stuff
> would appear in released babel within a year.
> robin

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