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Zdenek Wagner wagner at cesnet.cz
Mon Jul 3 02:04:48 CEST 2006

On Sun, 2 Jul 2006, Karl Berry wrote:

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> Hi Zdenek,
>     could also be automaticaly included in babel. I would therefore like to
> Any modifications to Babel naturally need to go into the babel sources
> and be released there.  I hope Johannes can reply to you about that.
> For TL, I definitely wouldn't want to modify the core Babel files as
> they are released on CTAN.
It would be better to put it in Babel but it can be used even without
modifying the core files, it will only be missing from Babel

> Separate files that you maintain on their own, like hindi.dtx, could
> perhaps most easily go into the velthuis package, since you say there is
> such a strong dependence.  E.g., tex/latex/velthuis/hindi.dtx.
In fact, hindi.dtx is a source for hindi.ldf which is being generated
during Babel installation. In order tomake it work babel.ins must be
modified. Hoewver, it is possible to just generate it separately and put
it under tex/generic/babel/... because all Babel files reside there.

> language.dat is another painful story.  That is conglomerated together
> from many sources.  If you tell me the entry or entries needed for your
> package(s), and a two- or three-letter abbreviation to use, I can do
> that.
Addition to language.dat is the easiest thing. There are no hyphenation
patters, therefore zerohyph.tex is used and the line is simple.

> Best,
> Karl
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