[tex-live] Hindi for babel

Zdenek Wagner wagner at cesnet.cz
Sat Jul 1 18:47:04 CEST 2006

as you could read from the TUG 2006 conference web page at
http://www.ucam.ac.ma/fssm/tug2006/, I plan to present a lecture on babel
support for Hindi. The language definition file successfully grows in my
home computer. It strongly depends on the Velthuis Devanagari for TeX
(preprocessor, macros, fonts). Since Velthuis Devanagari is distributed
with TeX Live as well as MiKTeX, I would be happy if the Hindi language
could also be automaticaly included in babel. I would therefore like to
know where and how I should submit hindi.dtx and patches to language.dat,
babel.ins and other files. I would like to keep maintenance of hindi.dtx
so some mechanism of proper transfer to standard mechanism should be

The Velthuis Devanagari is being developed on CVS at sarovar.org. Is it a
good idea to create directory velthuis/tex/generic/babel/velthuis there
and put hindi.dtx into it?

Velthuis Devanagari v2.14 contains definitions which may conflict with
babel. Version without conflicts is currently available from CVS only and
will be released before I am satisfied with hindi.dtx. There are no
changes in the preprocessor, only several macros are implemented in a
different way. No changes in existing files will be needed.


Zdenek Wagner
e-mail: wagner at cesnet.cz

see also http://hroch486.icpf.cas.cz/wagner/

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