[tex-live] Re: ConTeXt documentation in "commercial" products

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Jan 27 15:36:39 CET 2006

� wrote:
> Hans Hagen <pragma at wxs.nl> wrote:
>> I will add the following sentence to the readme:
>> If you distribute \CONTEXT\ and related software on electronic media
>> as part of \TEX\ distributions, you may also distribute the manuals
>> in electronic form, preferable as provided by the maintainers of
> Does this, or the new Creative Commons license, also apply to older
> versions, in particular to the version included in teTeX 3.0?  In this
> case we (Debian) could distribute the ConTeXt documentation in our
> non-free section (still non-free because we don't have the sources
> currently).  And I wouldn't like to use the new version's documentation
> (with its CC license) and bundle it with the ConTeXt version in teTeX
> 3.0, since that would cause confusion.  That's why I specifically ask
> whether this applies to the old version, too.
With older i assume that you mean the pdf's (we started putting manual sources under svn recently)? Sure go ahead and distribute them. I don't think there was even any restriction in distributing the pdf's at least not from my side (they have been in the tex collections in separate trees anyway). The whole licencing issue with respect to manual sources is mostly there because it concerns sources. 


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