[tex-live] Re: [tug-board] Any news of DVDs ?

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Thu Jan 26 18:41:26 CET 2006

Karl Berry wrote:

>     been any useful information as to how to un-BZ2 it, but there
> bzip.org (not that you care, I know).

I /do/ care : why does the note that says you /really/ shouldn't
download the ISO not point the user at Bzip.org ?
>     Is there any /real/ reason why ZIP compression (which is
>     universally understood) cannot be used rather than the obscure
>     "BZ2" compression method ?
> iso's are already compressed; I don't think the
> inferior-though-ubiquitious zip compression would do anything
> significant, whereas bz reduces by a some number of megabytes, as I
> recall.  Been a while since I looked at the numbers.

I'll ZIP it on my home m/c (don't have WinZIP on the office m/c
yet) and see how it compares (in size) to the BZ2 offering.
>     My main comment concerns the /unbelievably/ long time it took
>     to install (compared to previous releases).  
> You don't say what platform you're on. 

Ah, I sometimes forget that not yet everyone in the world has
forsaken VMS for Windows :-)))  Windows XP/PRO, 3.2MHz, 2Gb,
unfragmented discs with 2 spindles and 8 x 32Gb partitions, all 
virtually empty.

  The Unix installer of the live
> version has always been slow (ironically enough, the inst installer is
> faster); I didn't think it was especially worse this year than before.
> I cannot speak to Windows.

OK, I cc'd the TeX-Live list; perhaps the Windows installer authors
will be able to shed some light.

** Phil.

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