[tex-live] Re: [tug-board] Any news of DVDs ?

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Thu Jan 26 18:25:19 CET 2006

Dear Robin/all -- Khanh didn't answer my message as to where her
("our") copy of TeX Live 2005 might be, so rather than waste Robin's
time and TUG's postal budget, I downloaded a copy and burnt a
DVD for myself.  I /would/ have downloaded from CTAN had there
been any useful information as to how to un-BZ2 it, but there
was none, so I downloaded the straight ISO file from Aarhus.
Is there any /real/ reason why ZIP compression (which is
universally understood) cannot be used rather than the obscure
"BZ2" compression method ?

My main comment concerns the /unbelievably/ long time it took
to install (compared to previous releases).  Yes, I chose the
"full" option, but then deselected all language other than
English, CJK & Vietnamese and removed any packages I didn't
want (e.g., Ghostscript, Pictures, TeXinfo, ...), so what I was
installing should have been comparable to what I have installed
previously.  As far as I could judge, it was between five and
ten times slower than the previous installer.  Is this a known
issue, and are there any plans to improve installation speed ?

** Phil.
TUG Office wrote:

> I'm happy to send another copy today, Phil. Should I?
> Robin

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