[tex-live] Re: ConTeXt documentation in "commercial" products

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Jan 24 17:47:38 CET 2006

� wrote:

>You are aware that the Creative Commons Deed is just a wrapper around
>the "real" GPL?  You didn't include it in mreadme.pdf, but on the
>website (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/GPL/2.0/) it says:
a wrapper indeed, and if users want to rad the full thing, they can use 
their browser; i'm not going to add redundant code (read n pages of 
licence) to manuals and source code

>"This Deed itself has no legal value".  So it seems in your
>(understandable) desire to make things understandable for mere mortals,
>you went one step too far.
as you do, users can click; if i remember right, i even mention that i 
don't include the whole thing

>If you look at the GPL text, it instructs you how to indicate that a
>work is licensed under it, and this includes saying either "GPL, version
>2.0" or "GPL, version 2.0 or later".  You have the choice (and of course
>as the copyright holder, you can always change the version number or add
>the "or later" if you later want to).
yeah, i need to look into that (for the moment i assume that 3 will be 
ok; the only problem i'm told of is that it's tricky to afterwards stick 
to an older version)

>That's perfectly acceptable, it's just not how I (and Debian, and
>texlive) define Free Documentation for Free Software.  But you are not
>in bad company, RMS himself thinks that Documentation does not need the
>same freedoms as software.
ah, good to know

>I understand; but the text of the license, even if it's not your
>intention, forbids inclusion of the manuals, original or modified, on a
>CD that is sold in a shop, which is commercial even if that particular
>CD might cost only the production price.
hm, so 'original' and 'unmodified' is ok then; if so i can mention that 


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