[tex-live] Question about TeX Live Installation

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Sun Feb 12 23:22:45 CET 2006

On 2006-02-12 15:52:16 -0600, Karl Berry wrote:
> Another issue is how new double-layer drives are.  We still have lots of
> users with no DVD drives at all, as we know.  If DL drives are even
> newer than "standard" DVD drives, I fear we couldn't use it anyway ...

AFAIK all DVD drives do double-layer, as double-layer DVDs were
invented right at the start.

<quote src="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dual_layer">
DVD recordable discs supporting this technology are backward
compatible with most existing DVD players and DVD-ROM drives.
Many current DVD recorders support dual-layer technology, and the
price point is comparable to that of single-layer drives, though
the blank media remains significantly more expensive. Currently
the technology has severe problems with compatibility in DVD
players. Dual Layer Drives will work with Regular DVD-R drives.


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