[tex-live] Re: [tex-fonts] New fonts from SIL

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Feb 4 19:39:34 CET 2006

    >> SIL International is pleased to announce the official release of the 
    >> Charis SIL Unicode fonts (http://scripts.sil.org/CharisSILfont).

Wow, had no idea they had this whole other font family (besides Gentium)
lurking in the wings.

In essence, Charter extended greatly for Unicode.  I hope someone
(Michael?) can make TeX support for it.  It would be nice if (Xe)TeX
could be listed as one of the "Applications that provide an adequate
level of support for Charis SIL", although I rather suspect they will

Meanwhile, I will write Victor Gaultney about getting permission for a
TeX release to use the Charis name.

    >> At the same time, SIL has also released an update of the Doulos
    SIL font

Times Roman extended for Unicode, but no italic/bold/bold italic.

    that we should examine the license to see whether it could be included

The OFL has already been scrutinized and both the FSF (for sure) and
Debian (I believe) declared it free(*).  If we can make the TeX support,
we can include the fonts on TL, etc.


(*) Not surprisingly, since I sent the draft OFL to rms and they fixed
the one issue he had with it.

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