[tex-live] Some compilation issues on IRIX.

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Dec 30 01:13:52 CET 2006

Hi Olaf,

    * I ran into some issues regarding the use of 'index()/rindex()' versus

Yeah, I changed c-memstr.h because including both <string.h> and
<strings.h> failed on AIX.  Fix one problem, create another.  But going
to str[r]chr is best anyway.

    Index: utils/pdfopen/pdfopen.c

Please send the pdfopen change to Taco.

I don't know if dvi2tty is still maintained outside of TL.  I kind of
doubt it.  I even more doubt that detex is.  So feel free to go ahead
and check in those changes, plus common.mk and dvipng (I need to
communicate with the dvipng author about other stuff anyway, so I'll
mention this when I do).


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