[tex-live] Testing XeTeX IRIX build.

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Thu Dec 28 17:36:55 CET 2006

On 28 Dec 2006, at 10:19 am, Olaf Weber wrote:

> Now that I've managed to get the binaries compiled on IRIX, I should
> not that XeTeX was linked against fairly old versions of libfontconfig
> and (consequently) of libfreetype.  How do I verify that this xetex
> build isn't broken?

Was libs/freetype2 from the TL source tree used in the build? By  
default, xetex will be linked (statically) with this, so that we have  
a known (and recent) version for its font access operations.

If you inspect the binary, I expect you'll still find that it also  
depends on your (old) freetype2 shared lib; I believe this is only  
because libfontconfig depends on it. AFAIK, it shouldn't matter if  
your libfontconfig was linked with an older freetype; xetex itself  
won't actually be using this.

To see if the binary is basically working, you can first run

   fmtutil --all

and you should get xetex.fmt and xelatex.fmt created (among others,  
of course).

Next, let's try accessing an OpenType font. Rather than guess what  
might be on your IRIX system, let's use a known one. Download the  
Charis SIL fonts from


Install the (four) .ttf files where fontconfig expects them on the  
IRIX -- maybe somewhere under /usr/share, or you may be able to put  
them in ~/.fonts/ if it's anything like a typical Linux-based  
desktop. Whatever the procedure would be for making them available to  
desktop/GUI applications. You can check that fontconfig can see them  
by running fc-list; it may be necessary to run fc-cache first (though  
many systems now seem to handle this automatically).

Anyhow, with the Charis SIL fonts installed, you should be able to  
use the attached (modified) version of sample2e.tex, and run

   xelatex xetex-sample2e

to create a PDF that uses Charis (regular, bold & italic) in place of  
CM for the text.

If that much works, then we're probably in pretty good shape.


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