[tex-live] Building on Mac OS X

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Thu Dec 28 15:51:07 CET 2006

On 28 Dec 2006, at 1:40 pm, Gerben Wierda wrote:

> Both on Powerpc and on i386, SVN revision 2987 does not completely  
> install on a "make install"
> Missing in texmf are:
> context.cnf
> mktex.cnf
> pdfetex.pool
> pdfetex-pl.pool
> tex-pl.pool
> texmf.cnf-4WIN (this I can understand)
> updmap.cfg
> Is this on purpose? Or are they just forgotten?

There is no pdfetex any more, only pdftex; therefore no pdfetex.pool  

I don't know how the -pl pool files are maintained or installed;  
they're not created as a result of a normal build. tex.pool probably  
hasn't changed in the past year, but for pdftex, at least, a new  
version would be needed.

Also don't really know about the .cnf/.cfg files, but I suspect  
they're hand-maintained in Master/texmf rather than being built and  
installed by "make install" from the Build/source tree. The "texmf"  
that gets created by the makefile (in Build/source/inst by default)  
isn't really used as such, AFAIK.


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