[tex-live] win32 and Gs

Akira Kakuto kakuto at fsci.fuk.kindai.ac.jp
Sat Dec 23 00:47:32 CET 2006

Hi Reinhard, Staszek,

> Regarding ps2eps:  I downloaded it from CTAN now.  The version there
> is from spring 2004 so I suppose that this is what we actually have in
> TeXLive.  ps2eps is a Perl script which uses ghostscript and a file
> bbox.exe.  I suppose that Fabrice converted the Perl script to C.

I said Staszek that all binaries in tlw32bin are purely executable ones.
However I've found that "ps2eps.exe" is an exception. It is a
script caller and it needs perl.exe in PATH and a perl script ps2eps.pl
under $TEXMF/scripts// (or in bin/win32/) .

> However, in order to find out whether it works with gs-8.54, could you
> test it with the following small (39 bytes :) file?
>      http://ms25.ath.cx/texlive/testbbox.ps
> The BoundingBox should be 100 100 300 300.  If you get another result
> or an error message "/invalidfileaccess" or so I fear we have to
> update.  I can help you if necessary but I'm away from internet from
> Dec 23 (evening) until Dec 26 (evening).

I'm personaly using GPL Ghostscript SVN PRE-RELEASE 8.56
and it generated a BoudingBox 100 100 300 301:

%!PS-Adobe-2.0 EPSF-2.0
%%BoundingBox: 100 100 300 301
% EPSF created by ps2eps 1.54
/showpage {} def
/setpagedevice {pop} def
%%Page 1 1
100 100 200 200 rectfill
exch sub { end } repeat


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