[tex-live] oddities with the bbold fonts

Ralf Stubner ralf.stubner at web.de
Wed Dec 20 20:49:22 CET 2006

Robin Fairbairns wrote:
> Ralf Stubner <ralf.stubner at web.de> wrote:
>> In addition, I am wondering why this is working on tetex at all, given
>> that we have both ubbold.fd and Ubbold.fd. I allways thought that the
>> case for the encoding part in fd-files is optional.
> actually, not really.  the standard is for lower-case; however
> upper-case files are accepted as well.  so, if nfss fails to find
> ubbold.fd, then and only then will it look for Ubbold.fd for
> compatibility reasons, but it won't look for them simultaneously or
> anything.  (this is why the encoding file name always comes out with
> uppercased encoding in error messages.)

Thanks for the correction. Indeed, if I use bbold.sty latex still uses
TEXMF/tex/latex/jknappen/ubbold.fd, not TEXMF/tex/latex/bbold/Ubbold.fd.
Does not seem to cause any problems on tetex, though.


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