[tex-live] oddities with the bbold fonts

Ralf Stubner ralf.stubner at web.de
Wed Dec 20 19:57:58 CET 2006

Hi everybody,

while comparing tetex and texlive packages in Debian we have found the
following oddities.

Both tetex and texlive contain:

support files and fonts for bbold:
* bbold.sty and Ubbold.fd in TEXMF/tex/latex/bbold
* sources and tfms in TEXMF/fonts/source/public/bbold and

support files for sauter extension of bbold fonts:
* mathbbol.sty and ubbold.fd TEXMF/tex/latex/jknappen

Only tetex contains the needed font sources for the sauter extension of
bbold fonts in TEXMF/fonts/sources/jknappen/sauter.

Therefore simple files making use of these fonts fail on texlive:

$\mathbb{R C}$

I think the missing fonts can be found on CTAN:fonts/cm/sauter/addons/.
However, I am not sure if one should add these fonts or remove the LaTeX
support files from texlive.

In addition, I am wondering why this is working on tetex at all, given
that we have both ubbold.fd and Ubbold.fd. I allways thought that the
case for the encoding part in fd-files is optional.


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