[tex-live] TL and win32

Staszek Wawrykiewicz staw at gust.org.pl
Tue Dec 19 09:29:49 CET 2006

On Tue, 19 Dec 2006, Reinhard Kotucha wrote:

> Well, adding variables is not a problem.  What I do not recommend is
> to remove the -sys stuff.  If you cannot distinguish between
> getnonfreefonts and getnonfreefonts-sys I fear that users and system
> administrators install files in the same directory which will lead to
> severe problems with file permissions (as happened in TL2005).

I do not see any related issues concerning file permission. Simply: we
do not have -sys variant executables (like fmtutil, updmap) for win32,
so having env variables in texmf.cnf caused only a mess for win users
(e.g. while running any program which updates ls-R).

> Regarding different texmf.cnf files for UNIX/Windows:  It doesn't hurt
> if they are different, but I'm not completely convinced that this is a
> good idea unless there is a good reason.  If you provide a different
> version vntex users will be grateful if you set the variable OSFONTDIR
> there so that the system fonts are found.  On the other hand I do not
> see any problem setting it in the generic texmf.cnf too.  The best
> solution however is if the installer sets the environment variable
>    OSFONTDIR=%SystemRoot%\Fonts//

OK, why not adding it to WIN32?

>   > 2. what is the status of getnonfreefonts? I found that generated
>   > one (and on svn repo) is different with that found on Reinhard's
>   > site (and on tug.org). 
> I wrote the html file a few hours before I went to Marrakech because I
> assumed that you can't reach me there.  Later I uploaded
> getnonfreefonts, wget, pdftodsc to the TL repository.  I also uploaded
> the wget sources to Master/source as required by the current version
> of the GPL.

OK, wget.exe is also in bin/win32
>   > What about windows binary: any .bat or wraper made by irun?
> I created .bat wrappers.  But you deleted everything anyway.  Please
> don't worry, I will check whether getnonfreefonts is installed
> properly in all Master/bin directories tomorrow anyway.

Ooops, sorry, I reinserted many of deleted win32 scripts (rev. 2806)
>   > 4. as for Ghostscript, I'm going to add support/gs854w32-gpl.exe
>   > which will be also installed on demand by tlpmgui. The problem is
>   > that it is installed by default in C:\Program Files\gs (I hate
>   > that!) and the installer have to make env variables for such crazy
>   > directory.
> Hmm, please keep in mind that it is not sufficient to run the
> installer.  The batch files are still in the lib directory and not
> copied to a directory which is in PATH by the ghostscript installer.
> At least this happened to me when I installed it at work.

As I wrote you before, I consider all those .bat files from the 
Ghostscript distribution very rarely needed for TeX applications...
We have enough scripts using GS, so I would leave the whole mess 
to the (advanced) users. All in all, the installer have to add 
gswin32c.exe location to PATH, and add GS_LIB env variable.

> It is much better to have a zip file which is supposed to be extracted
> in tlroot.  I'll create such a zip file tomorrow.  You can look into
> it and decide whether you want to use it or not.

OK, it would be better to unzip it e.g. in just c:\gs
> I think that it is easier for the TeXLive installer just to extract a
> zip file in tlroot and you can avoid ugly env vars.
> Maybe it was not a good idea to delete all old files in bin/win32.
> I have no overview about what is missing now, but besides
> getnonfreefonts at least thumbpdf.exe had been removed.

You mean rather pdfthumb.exe? I'll reinsert it for sake...
Thanks for your notes,

Staszek Wawrykiewicz
StaW at gust.org.pl

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