[tex-live] epstopdf: Image inclusion failed

Steven Woody narkewoody at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 07:54:54 CET 2006


i am on Cygwin and i am using dvipdfm to generate pdf documents with
eps images.  in the config of dvipdfm, i used the following line,

D "epstopdf --outfile=%o --nocompress %i"

but the running of dvipdfm always results in an error, e.g,

contract.dvi -> contract.pdf
[1(./gridpath.1<PS>The system cannot find the path specified.

Conversion via ->epstopdf --outfile=\s3o0. --nocompress ./gridpath.1<- failed
pdf: image inclusion failed for (gridpath.1).
141204 bytes written

and, in my Cygwin system, the command 'which epstopdf' gives,
and, 'which gswin32c' gives,

can anyone please help me to get over this problem.


then sun rose thinly from the sea and the old man could see the other
boats, low on the water and well in toward the shore, spread out
across the current.

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