[tex-live] TL and win32

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Dec 19 02:46:21 CET 2006

Hi Akira,

    diff -u web2c/mf.web web2c-w32/mf.web

Ok, I see the version at ftp.stanford.edu had been changed back in June
2003 without TL noticing.  Cool.  Updated TL now.

    diff -u web2c/tex.ch web2c-w32/tex.ch

Ok, I gather we are just removing unused variables.  It doesn't exactly
seem crucial to me to clutter up the change file with such things, but
since you did it, fine.  I installed it.

    diff -u alephdir/com16bit-rc2.ch alephdir-w32/com16bit-rc2.ch
    diff -u alephdir/comsrcspec.ch alephdir-w32/comsrcspec.ch
    diff -u omegadir/com16bit.ch omegadir-w32/com16bit.ch
    diff -u omegadir/comsrcspec.ch omegadir-w32/comsrcspec.ch

In theory such changes should really be made upstream (at least I think
Giuseppe/Yannis/et al. were responsible for these change files), but
since aleph and omega1 are unlikely to ever change again at this point,
and again I assume we're just excising unused variables to avoid
warnings, I went ahead and installed those too.


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