[tex-live] Fwd: About TeX Live 2006 Documentation

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Dec 18 23:17:27 CET 2006

    I've sent this to you 2 days ago, but no reply, so I guess
    I could just forward it here...

For the record, here is the reply I sent to you yesterday.  Sorry for
the delayed reply.

    We guys from Chinese TeX Society would like to prepare a Simplified Chinese
    translation of TeX LIve 2006

Wow, that's great.

    1. What's the deadline to submit our translation?

This week would be good.  If anything like that's not possible, it can
always be made available online, so it's not that big a deal.

    3. We need to use the CJK package to prepare PDF/DVI, 

We are only including PDF now.

    which requires some Chinese fonts installed on the TeX system, are
    you going to produce such binary documents or we can just submit

Are the fonts part of TeX Live?  Ideally it would be possible for anyone
to be able to process the sources using what is in TL.

    2. Is live.tex the only document we need to translate? if not, what else.

There is the small top-level README file, in both html and plain text (I
use lynx to automatically generate the plain text).  Here is the English:

Also, another line should be added to the top-level index.html for
Chinese.  For that, I just need the word "Chinese" in UTF-8.  See

Please send me any files as .zip (or .tar.gz or some such) attachments,
to avoid corruption of 8-bit characters in email.

Also, you should subscribe to the tldoc mailing list, where we discuss
the occasion TL translation issues.

Thanks for your interest,

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