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Frank Küster frank at kuesterei.ch
Mon Dec 18 09:52:48 CET 2006

Paweł Jackowski <P.Jackowski at gust.org.pl> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Karl:
>> It's not my decision, but personally I see no reason why "the Poles"
>> should have to give up a program name that has been in use for 20 years,
>> especially because of a conflict with a proprietary program.  With
>> standard TL, it's not an issue because TL binaries are installed in a
>> separate tree and users can set their path as they wish, as Kaja wrote.
>> Distributors mark it as conflicting, and, presumably users will do what
>> they want.
> That is exactly our point of view. (Sorry for voting as all Poles, but 
> it seems there are no other Polish voices in this discussion). I doesn't 
> matter what is older or more important. Let the user decide, but don't 
> simply replace one mex by another.

ACK.  By the way, I just found that there simply isn't a problem in
Debian: octave uses /usr/bin/mex2.1.  Ubuntu is a different thing, they
just use a snapshot of Debian at some point in time, with all its
(undetected) serious bugs...

Regards, Frank
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