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Kaja P. Christiansen wrote:

>>Does "mex" mean something in Polish, by the way?
> Not that I know of.
> Perhaps someone from GUST has a suggestion?

See below :

The history of MeX

The MeX package has been developed in MacroSoft Ltd, Warsaw, Poland.

The previous version of the adaptation of TeX to the Polish language was
called LeX. It contained a macro file and P1 family of fonts, and was
developed by BJ & MR between November 1987 and December 1989.
MeX is a modification of LeX adjusting it to the TeX 3.x conventions.

The LeX format made use of a set of hyphenation rules originally created
by HK in 1987, adapted to the LeX format and extensively modified by BJ & MR.

The following modifications to the LeX package and hyphenation rules
were done while BJ, HK & MR were employed in MacroSoft Ltd:

  -- the hyphenation rules were further improved and adapted to the TeX 3.x
     requirements by HK in July--August 1991,

  -- transformation from LeX, version 1.75, to MeX, version 1.01, macro files
     and from P1 to PL, version 1.01 fonts were done by BJ & MR
     during the period October 1991--February 1992.

The authors are grateful to MacroSoft Ltd for providing the opportunity
to carry out this work.

** Phil (Hon. life member of GUST)

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