[tex-live] Number of binaries, and another build error

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Dec 11 14:52:13 CET 2006

Hi all!

On Son, 10 Dez 2006, Ralf Stubner wrote:
> Jonathan and Martin reported 273 on i686/x86_64 Linux. I don't know if
> with or without links.

Hmm, ls|wc gives me now: 264 and in the depot there is NO arch with 273
files... My current list is:

a2ping        dvips                kpsereadlink  ovp2ovf       t1dotlessj
afm2pl        dvired               kpsestat      oxdvi         t1lint
afm2tfm       dviselect            kpsetool      patgen        t1mac
aleph         dvitodvi             kpsewhere     pdfclose      t1reencode
allcm         dvitomp              kpsewhich     pdfcrop       t1testpage
allec         dvitype              kpsexpand     pdfcslatex    t1unmac
allneeded     e2pall               lacheck       pdfcsplain    t4ht
amstex        ebb                  lambda        pdfetex       tangle
bg5+latex     ebong                lamed         pdfjadetex    tcdialog
bg5+pdflatex  eplain               latex         pdflatex      tex
bg5conv       epsffit              luatools      pdfmex        tex4ht
bg5latex      epstopdf             mag           pdfopen       texconfig
bg5pdflatex   etex                 makeindex     pdfplatex     texconfig-dialog
bibtex        exatools             makeinfo      pdftex        texconfig-sys
bibtex8       extconv              makempx       pdfthumb      texdoc
cef5conv      extractres           makempy       pdftools      texdoctk
cef5latex     fixdlsrps            mex           pdfxmltex     texexec
cef5pdflatex  fixfmps              mf            perltex       texfont
cefconv       fixmacps             mf-nowin      pfb2pfa       texhash
ceflatex      fixpsditps           mft           physe         texi2dvi
cefpdflatex   fixpspps             mk4ht         phyzzx        texi2html
cefsconv      fixscribeps          mkindex       pk2bm         texi2pdf
cefslatex     fixtpps              mkocp         pkfix         texindex
cefspdflatex  fixwfwps             mkofm         pktogf        texlinks
cfftot1       fixwpps              mktexfmt      pktype        texmfstart
cslatex       fixwwps              mktexlsr      platex        texsis
csplain       fmtutil              mktexmf       pltotf        textools
ctangle       fmtutil-sys          mktexpk       pooltype      texutil
ctie          fontinst             mktextfm      ppower4       tftopl
ctxtools      gbklatex             mllatex       ps2frag       thumbpdf
cweave        gbkpdflatex          mltex         ps2pk         tie
detex         getafm               mmafm         ps4pdf        tmftools
devnag        getnonfreefonts      mmpfb         psbook        ttf2afm
disdvi        getnonfreefonts-sys  mpost         pslatex       ttf2pk
dmp           gftodvi              mpstools      psmerge       ttf2tfm
dt2dv         gftopk               mpto          psnup         ttftotype42
dv2dt         gftype               mptopdf       psresize      updmap
dvi2fax       giftopng             mtxtools      psselect      updmap-sys
dvi2tty       gsftopk              musixflx      pstopdf       utf8mex
dvibook       hbf2gf               newer         pstops        vftovp
dviconcat     ht                   odvicopy      rlxtools      vpe
dvicopy       htcontext            odvips        rubibtex      vptovf
dvidvi        htlatex              odvitype      rumakeindex   weave
dvihp         htmex                ofm2opl       runtools      xdvi
dvilj         httex                omega         showchar      xdvi-xaw.bin
dvilj2p       httexi               omfonts       simpdftex     xdvipdfmx
dvilj4        includeres           opl2ofm       sjisconv      xdvizilla
dvilj4l       info                 otangle       sjislatex     xelatex
dvilj6        infokey              otfinfo       sjispdflatex  xeplain
dvipdfm       install-info         otftotfm      t1ascii       xetex
dvipdfmx      jadetex              otp2ocp       t1asm         xmltex
dvipdft       kpseaccess           outocp        t1binary      xmltools
dvipng        kpsepath             ovf2ovp       t1disasm

Which to my eyes looks not bad.

Best wishes


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