[tex-live] Number of binaries, and another build error

Ralf Stubner ralf.stubner at physik.uni-erlangen.de
Sun Dec 10 21:53:16 CET 2006

Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at> writes:

> How many binaries should finally end up in .../inst/$arch/bin? I did get
> 126 binaries:

Jonathan and Martin reported 273 on i686/x86_64 Linux. I don't know if
with or without links.

> afm2pl        cweave       gbklatex      mkofm     pdfetex       t1lint
> aleph         detex        gbkpdflatex   mktexlsr  pdfopen       t1mac
> bg5+latex     devnag       getafm        mktexmf   pktogf        t1reencode
> bg5+pdflatex  dmp          gftodvi       mktexpk   pktype        t1testpage
> bg5conv       dvicopy      gftopk        mktextfm  pltotf        t1unmac
> bg5latex      dvipng       gftype        mmafm     pooltype      tangle
> bg5pdflatex   dvitomp      hbf2gf        mmpfb     psbook        tcdialog
> bibtex        dvitype      includeres    mpost     psmerge       tex
> bibtex8       epsffit      info          mpto      psnup         texi2dvi
> cef5conv      extconv      infokey       newer     psresize      texi2html
> cef5latex     extractres   install-info  odvicopy  psselect      texi2pdf
> cef5pdflatex  fixdlsrps    kpseaccess    odvitype  pstops        texindex
> cefconv       fixfmps      kpsereadlink  omega     showchar      tftopl
> ceflatex      fixmacps     kpsestat      omfonts   sjisconv      tie
> cefpdflatex   fixpsditps   kpsewhich     otangle   sjislatex     ttf2afm
> cefsconv      fixpspps     makeinfo      otfinfo   sjispdflatex  ttftotype42
> cefslatex     fixscribeps  makempx       otftotfm  t1ascii       vftovp
> cefspdflatex  fixtpps      mf            otp2ocp   t1asm         vptovf
> cfftot1       fixwfwps     mf-nowin      outocp    t1binary      weave
> ctangle       fixwpps      mft           patgen    t1disasm      xetex
> ctie          fixwwps      mkocp         pdfclose  t1dotlessj

There are some things that are definitly missing: dvips, dvipdfm(x) and


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