[tex-live] graphics package .def files?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Aug 23 02:30:39 CEST 2006

Several .def files are apparently no longer part of the standard
graphics bundle.  (Maybe they haven't been for some time, I don't know).

- pdftex.def:
now maintained separately on CTAN (yay).

- textures.def:
there is no permission to distribute this except as part of the standard
graphics bundle (which contradicts the statement that is covered by the
LPPL, but anyway), so I deleted it.

- dvipdfm.def:
There is a statement that the "master copy" is available at
http://odo.kettering.edu/dvipdfm/, but I just get a blank page there.
The file currently in TL says it is part of the Graphics Bundle, but
I guess it no longer is.  Since I believe dvipdfm is no longer
maintained, I will just put dvipdfm.def somewhere else in TL.

- dvipdfmx.def:
There is a dvipdfmx.def.sample at
http://cvs.ktug.or.kr/viewcvs/dvipdfmx/contrib/latex/.  I have not
investigated the differences (if any) from what is in TL.  If someone
would like to do that, and communicate with Cho and Hirata, and
hopefully get it into future dvipdfmx releases, that would be helpful.

- vtex.def:
Does not exist anywhere else, has no license statement, although it was 
written by Carlisle, so I suppose it's ok.  Dates from 1999.  If someone
would like to look into whether there is a newer version, and/or what
ask David what the license should be, that would be helpful.

What a mess.


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