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Tue Aug 22 13:16:40 CEST 2006

On 8/21/06, Ken Brooks <kenb at rpath.com> wrote:

> > Meanwhile, on a completely different front, your setup seems to have
> > much more in common with Debian than with the usual all-in-one-dir TL
> > setup.  I wonder if it would actually be easier for you to adapt
> > Debian's packages than to start from the original sources.  As I recall,
> > they had to modify a number of config files to make things work.  Frank,
> > Norbert?
> We considered that way back at the beginning.  Got stuck on the fact that
> we couldn't figure out how to unpack a Debian package archive in a
> non-Debian world.  If anyone knows a good answer to that, I'd love to
> hear it.  Or if anyone knows where to find the Debian package source in
> an unpacked form.

I suggest installing debian in a virtual machine so you can examine
not just the sources, but also run comparisons with a fully installed
and widely used TL.

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