[tex-live] Hyphenation patterns, Unicode, XeTeX, and language.dat

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Aug 17 20:52:40 CEST 2006

    modify the "language.__.dat" files in texmf/tex/generic/ config to
    refer to the xu- wrapper files (in the cases where one is necessary)

Works for me.  Good idea.  Thanks Jonathan.

My only additional thought is that, if you are willing, you could
contact the original hyphenation pattern authors as you create the
wrappers, Or, if that's too time-consuming (as I would expect :), maybe
you could record a very brief summary (one line per pattern) of who they
are and what changes you had to make, so that the more general cleanup
has a chance of progressing.

(Actually, I am not entirely clear what general pattern file scheme we
should be aiming to converge to (i.e., asking pattern authors to use),
but that's a different discussion.)

Morten, having the hook in babel sounds useful too.  Can you propose
that to the rest of the latex team?  Then the language*.dat files would
not need to be changed.  In case there is no new latex release before
the TL release, we can modify the .dat's.  That part is no big deal.


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