[tex-live] MacOS X + CJK

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Tue Aug 1 13:09:37 CEST 2006

> And unfortunately, emacs' write-cjk-file misbehaves on UTF-8 encoded
> chinese files -- it insists on using the jsso bitmapped fonts (as
> documented in previous CJK emails to this list in 2003) which in my
> case causes everything to crash since it can't make them.

You are beating the wrong dog.  Emacs doesn't use UTF-8 internally;
instead, UTF-8 is mapped onto its internal encodings.  If you use, for
example, `Chinese-Bg5' as your language environent within Emacs (with
function `set-language-environment'), Big 5 encoding is tried first.
If that fails, Emacs tries GB 2312, etc., etc.  Have a look at the
function `utf-translate-cjk-load-tables' in file `utf-8.el' for the
exact order.

With other words, your UTF-8 codes are mapped to various CJK
encodings, including Japanese, if you use cjk-enc.el.  The solution to
this problem is simple: Don't use cjk-enc.el for Unicode encoded
files!  Instead, you should use utf-8 encoding directly, probably
using CJKutf8.sty to combine it with LaTeX's utf8 support.  Have a
look into the CJKutf8.tex example file for its usage.

> I guess my experience just shows that texlive still isn't ready for
> non-CJK-font experts to use: the loaded defaults don't work with
> each other (cjk-write-file by default chooses a font that isn't
> included, for example).

The default is always `song', regardless whether you use
cjk-write-file or not.  This is documented!  Just select your own font
shapes; the README in the example directory gives a complete list of
available fonts, and the example files themselves show how to change
the fonts.


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