[tex-live] moving tpm2deb to svn repository

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Sep 29 18:41:25 CEST 2005

Dear all!

I am moving the depot/Master/Tools/tl2deb directory to the svn
repository at alioth.debian.org. You can find it at
or under
ATM it contains all the files from the tl2deb directory, and furthermore
the debian stuff from the new cm-super packages and the debian texinfo
packages (all of which I am responsible).

If someone wants to join in the development, check all of pkg-texlive or
only one of the sub projects texinfo, cm-super, texlive and bombard me
with patches (well, at least I hope to see this). Later on I can give
you write permissions.

There are some reasons for this move:
.) in fact the files are not in any way necessary for TeX live, so
   the probably not even belong into the depot.
.) working with svn is, for small things like this, much more
   comfortable. If I am offline I can continue editing. With p4 I cannot
   call p4 edit when I am offline.
.) I want to have all my debian stuff in one place.

I suggest removing the tl2deb subdirectory, but if one of you
(Sebastian?) has a different opinion on this, it's ok for me. For now I
leave the status as is, and try to update the depot now and then from
the svn repository.

Best wishes


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