[tex-live] Tests with TLPM/TLPMGUI

Wolfgang Fleischer W.Fleischer at Erlenweg.DE
Thu Sep 29 19:35:02 CEST 2005


My box runs Windows XP with SP2. I used TL2005 Image from 9/27/2005.

Installation on a clean machine works fine.
TL2005 if basicly functional. 
Have PATH and environment set properly
texmf-var is filled
formats are created
updmap was executed
I have a running TL. Fine.
Immediately after the installation (without closing and restarting 
tlpmgui) it is not possible to 'Add packages' or do other things.
Even after restarting tlpmgui adding packages does not work but 
tlpmgui always says 'success'.
Removing packages works.
Removing installation works fine if all other windows are closed.
When a filemanager is open on c:\tex remove will crash and never
end successful.

4. TLPMGUI seems to have problems running if the machine is not clean
i.e. path or environment has traces of a (possibly broken) former
installation of TL2005.

5. Repeating the installation does expand PATH again. So you may end 
up with PATH=c:\tex\bin\win32;c:\tex\bin\win32;...


After editing updmap.cfg or language.dat the call of updmap and
fmtutil is done silently which is irritating because of the delay.

It should be possible the edit texmf.cnf also.

Is it possible to run tlpmgui with a custom batch file for tlpm?
This question comes up because none of the schemes presented
fit my needs here. In fact 'full' is much too big and the other
schemes lack a number of packages I would like to see installed
by tlpmgui without using 'Add packages'.


Version 1.03 seems to be back to Version 1.01?
Does not work as version 1.02 does
Cant use neither batchfiles nor inst command for schemes or packages.
I always get "no such files or...".
I wonder how tlpmgui works with tlpm.
May be there are major changes in using tlpm?

Wolfgang Fleischer
W.Fleischer at Erlenweg.De
Telefon/Fax: 03721 32517

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