[tex-live] Grrr... what has happened with lambda/lamed, antomega and ushyphen.tex???

Alexej Kryukov akrioukov at newmail.ru
Mon Sep 26 14:18:33 CEST 2005

> Well, omarab.cfg and omlgc.cfg: can you please tell me what this is?
> Can you provide a sample document that uses them?

These files are needed to build 16-bit virtual fonts for Omega
(omlgc and omarab). There is a special perl script, makeovp.pl,
which seems to be unavailable in teTeX (don't know about TL).
If you feed them together with the corresponding *.afm
files to makeovp.pl, the script will produce ovp files which later 
may be turned to binary virtual fonts with ovp2ovf.

So these files are never used, unless one wants to rebuild
Omega fonts from scratch. And even in this case they are
processed with a perl script, rather than with omega or lambda

Alexej Kryukov <akrioukov at newmail dot ru>

Moscow State University
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